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Otouo automates your email responses and booking processes, freeing your staff from tedious tasks so they can focus on what truly matters—growing your business and enhancing customer satisfaction.


Save time and resources with Otouo's automated scheduling.


Grow your business faster by focusing on what matters.


Enhance customer experiences by answering issues instantly.


Optimize your operations with intelligent automation. Instant translation available in 100 languages.

Who can use Otouo?

Otouo takes your email communication to the next level. Our platform understands, interprets, and responds to your emails automatically, saving your valuable time and effort.

Professional Services

  • Legal Firms: To streamline the booking of consultations, manage case discussions, and automate client follow-ups.
  • Consulting Firms: For organizing client meetings, internal team meetings, and managing project timelines.
  • Accounting and Financial Services: To schedule client meetings during peak tax season and for regular financial advising sessions.

Beauty and Wellness

  • Salons and Spas: For booking appointments, managing stylist or therapist schedules, and sending appointment reminders.
  • Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers: To schedule classes, personal training sessions, and manage memberships.

Education and Tutoring

  • Educational Institutions: For scheduling parent-teacher meetings, student counseling sessions, and managing class schedules.
  • Private Tutors and Coaching Centers: To organize tutoring sessions, manage batch timings, and communicate with students and parents.

Hospitality and Travel

  • Restaurants: For reservation management, scheduling special events, and managing table availability.
  • Travel Agencies: To schedule client consultations, manage trip bookings, and facilitate communication with travelers.

Real Estate

  • Agencies: For scheduling property viewings, client meetings, and managing open house events.
  • Property Management Companies: To organize maintenance appointments, tenant meetings, and manage property listings.

Freelancers and Independent Contractors

  • Individuals working in various fields such as graphic design, writing, consulting to plumbers and tradespeople, can use Otouo to manage their client appointments, project deadlines, and consultations.


Frequently asked questions

What is Otouo?

Otouo is an advanced AI-driven platform designed to automate and manage email-based appointment bookings and scheduling for businesses. It intelligently interprets email requests to book appointments directly into your calendar, streamlining your operations and saving you valuable time.

How does Otouo interpret emails and schedule appointments?

Otouo uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to understand the content and intent of incoming emails. It can distinguish requests for appointments, identify preferred dates and times, and automatically schedule these in your calendar, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Can Otouo integrate with my current scheduling system?

Yes, Otouo is designed to seamlessly integrate with most existing scheduling systems. This integration allows Otouo to directly book appointments into your calendar without disrupting your current workflow.

Is Otouo suitable for my type of business?

Otouo is versatile and can be tailored to a wide range of businesses, from individual professionals and small businesses to law firms and large enterprises. Whether you're managing a hair salon, a restaurant, or a multi-site franchise, Otouo can adapt to your specific scheduling needs.

Can Otouo send automatic confirmations and reminders to clients?

Yes, once an appointment is scheduled, Otouo can automatically send confirmation emails to your clients. It can also send reminder emails as the appointment date approaches, reducing no-shows and keeping your schedule efficient.

Can I use my business's custom data with Otouo?

Otouo is designed to work seamlessly with your business's custom data. Our platform supports integration with a wide range of data formats, allowing you to import and utilize your unique business information, such as customer lists, service offerings, and scheduling preferences. This flexibility ensures that Otouo can adapt to your specific operational needs, enhancing both efficiency and customer experience. If you need any assistance with custom data integration, our support team is here to help guide you through the process.


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With Otouo, booking efficiency soared, freeing up our focus
Transformed our front desk efficiency overnight
Otouo redefined our customer interactions, elevating service quality
Otouo transformed our scheduling—simple, efficient, and incredibly reliable.
Otouo made email management a breeze, enhancing guest experiences
Otouo made client booking instant and flawless

Revolutionized our appointment handling effortlessly
Gym Chain CEO

Our solutions, your success

Otouo boosts operational efficiency by 57% with AI-powered automation, freeing your team to focus on growth and customer engagement.
Otouo triples appointment scheduling efficiency with AI, eliminating manual effort and speeding up the process.
Small businesses can unlock $75,000 in annual savings with Otouo's appointment automation—streamline your business and invest where it counts.

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