Business Email Etiquette in the Age of AI

Yolanda Thessi
April 11, 2024
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We've all been there - staring at a blank email compose window, fingers hovering over the keyboard, racking our brains for the perfect professional way to phrase that request, proposal or update.

Fortunately, there's a modern solution to finally ending the email-writing time sink once and for all. Simply enlist an AI email writing assistant to be your "hostage negotiator," crafting clear, nuanced and on-point messages for you in seconds. Here's why you should absolutely let the machines win this battle.

Dear Human: Time to Surrender Email Duty

Whether you're drowning in a deluge of daily emails or just struggling with a specific high-stakes message, having an AI assistant take over drafting duties can be a game-changer. These smart writing aids have a few powerful superpowers humans just can't match:

1. Prolific Promptness

While you labor over finding the right opening line or mentally rearrange paragraphs for the umpteenth time, an AI will rapidly produce a complete, well-structured draft in seconds - simply based on your brief outline or instructions. Talk about maximizing efficiency!

2. Swiss Army Knives for Writing

These tools aren't one-trick ponies. They can handle everything from formal business correspondance and reports through to creative communications like blog posts, ad copy and social media updates. Some can even tailor outputs to match your brand's voice and tone.

3. Deep Domain Expertise

Modern language models are training on inconceivable amounts of data across every conceivable subject domain. That makes them veritable reservoirs of knowledge to draw upon when drafting technical documents, whitepapers, persuasive proposals and other content areas requiring serious specialized expertise.

4. Always-On Assistance

There's no more anxiously waiting for feedback from busy colleagues before sending that urgent email. AI writing aids are available around the clock to provide an unlimited supply of fresh ideas, revisions and drafts on-demand.

Far from making the "human element" redundant though, these AI helpers empower you to ensure all communications have that crucial personal touch by simply reviewing, editing and finessing the AI-generated drafts to perfection before hitting send.

Etiquette for the AI Age

Of course, there are some important principles to keep in mind when delegating email duties to artificial intelligence:

1. Proofread Fastidiously - While uncannily coherent and nuanced, AI outputs can still contain contextual errors or inappropriate content. Always review drafts thoroughly before sending.

2. Disclose the Source - Transparency matters, so it's best to clarify in signatures or email trails that messages were "AI-assisted" where appropriate. No pulling the wool over anyone's eyes!

3. Monitor Tone & Voice - Different situations and relationships call for different communication styles. Guide AI tools on the right tone, formality and voice to use.

4. Protect Privacy & Security - Be very selective about what sensitive data AI language models can access to avoid potential breaches or misuse. Anonymization may be required.

5. Let AI Handle the Grunt Work - Emails involving high emotional intelligence, complex negotiations, legal issues or ultra-personal contexts are still best reserved for humans.

Ultimately, AI writing aids are powerful co-pilots to have by your side in today's demanding digital workplace. By wisely combining machine smarts with human control and judgment, we can all stop fretting over email woes and instead refocus on the meaningful work that really matters.

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Yolanda Thessi

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